Getting Debian

You can download Debian at one of the official mirrors below:
Be sure to check the mirror before you download. Make sure you do this in a safe environment. Computers can’t really handle water or intense heat. From personal experience I know this. My mother in law decided to sit outside by her neighbor’s above ground pools cooling water and accidentally left her computer out in the sun. Normally I think of an above ground pool as an unattractive cheap pool sitting on the back lawn so the kids have a place to splash and play on hot summer days. Well let me tell you, the neighbor’s above ground pool had three different level decks for entertaining, lounging, and jumping into the water. They had beautiful landscaped grounds with shrubs for privacy and loads of gorgeous flowering plants. The whole layout was as upscale as you could get. However, that didn’t save my mother in law’s computer from getting roasted. What a way to end a perfectly lovely day.
Below you can download the official Debian CD or a computer with debian already installed. It just depends on what you already have available and what you’re trying to accomplish. Think over it carefully before making a decision.

  • Official Debian CD Download

You can also purchase a computer with debian preinstalled below:

  • Debian Systems

Debian is an operating system for your computer. It also happens to be free! Operating systems help to run your computer. This operating system includes many different software packages were are laid out on our home page. Some people choose to download and set up the system themselves and others would rather purchase a computer with the operating system already downloaded, installed and read to go. Whichever you prefer we can, accommodate.
Creation comes with mini manifestos, sometimes involve lovers and dramatic achievements with glorious ends. The Debian history part two can help explain where the creation of this operating system came from. It’s all there, just need to click around and read to your hearts content.
If you want to learn more about Debian check out our home page and scroll down.

The Debian Release Team – in cooperation with the Debian Infrastructure Team – plans to include the following goals in the upcoming release:

Multi – arch support, which will for instance improve the installation of 32 bit packages on 64 bit machines
kFreeBSD support, introducing the first non – linux architecture into Debian
Improved boot performance using dash as the new default shell, and a dependency-based boot system that will both clean up the boot process and help performance through parallel processing
A further enhanced Quality Assurance process resulting in higher quality packages. This includes:
Clean installation, upgrade and removal of all packages
Automatic rejection of packages failing basic quality checks
Double compilation support
Preparation for new package formats to help streamline future development and to introduce improved compression algorithms
Removal of obsolete libraries for improved security
Full ipv6 support
Large File Support
Automatic creation of debug packages for the entire archive, a Google Summer of Code Project pending integration into the infrastructure
Move of packages’ long descriptions into a separate translated package list, which will facilitate their translation and also provide a smaller footprint for embedded systems thanks to smaller Packages files.
Better integration of debtags, a system to tag packages with multiple attributes for easier package selection
Discard and rebuild of binary packages uploaded by maintainers, leaving only packages build in a controlled environment
The Debian Project looks forward to working with its many upstream projects and the worldwide community of Free Software developers in preparing the next high-quality Debian release.

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