Debian Linux Downloads

A quick list of the documents available at the main Debian Linux server:
  • Must-reads:
The “Developer’s Reference” which provides an overview of recommended procedures and available resources for Debian developers.
The “New Maintainers’ Guide” which describes building a Debian package in common language, including many working examples. Anyone just getting started with developing or packaging should definitely read this.

A couple of ASIDES:

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Debian Policy Manual – this gives policy requirements for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution, including the structure and contents of the Debian archive, OS design issues, and technical requirements for individual packages.
  • Related documents available include: the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS), a list of required locations for directories or files, a list of build-essential packages (packages you are expected to have before you try to build any package, or a set of packages that you don’t have to include in your package’s Build-Depends line), and menu system documentation.
  • Specific policy documentation also includes: MIME support documentation, Emacs policy, Java policy, Perl policy, Python policy, Debian CLI Policy (for Mono, other CLRs and CLI based applications and libraries), configuration management subsystem “debconf” specification, a spelling dictionaries and tools sub-policy (ispell / myspell dictionaries and word lists), and a sub-policy for web-based applications.
  • Draft documents that may be useful: Webapps Policy Manual, PHP Policy (Packaging standards of PHP,  Database Application Policy (a set of guidelines and best practices for database application packages), Tcl/Tk Policy (everything regarding Tcl/Tk packaging),

Note that the old Packaging Manual has mostly been integrated into the recent versions of the Policy Manual.

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