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Not much is going on regarding any meetings that need to be posted here. I would say all announcements of meetings are now being sent via email and are no longer posted for the general public. This page almost seems obsolete. All the internal meetings during the development of the new stable version 7.0 , and we must say the Debian project is proud to present code name “Wheezy”, are long gone. As of May 2013 after many months of constant development, this new version of Debian includes various interesting features our users are going to love such as multiarch support, an improved installer, several specific tools to deploy private clouds, and a complete set of multimedia codecs and front-ends which remove the need for third-party repositories. Hooray, Wheezy!

For the first time, Debian users can install both 32- and 64-bit software on the same machine, having all the relevant dependencies automatically and correctly resolved. What’s even better is that Debian 7.0 can now be installed using software speech which is a god send by visually impaired people who do not use a Braille device. With the combined efforts of a huge number of translators, the Debian 7.0 installation system is available in 73 languages, with more than a dozen of them also available for speech synthesis.

A friend of my youngest daughter is visually impaired. As eight year olds both girls are in an intense everything princess phase. My daughter had found an online e commerce site that sells princess dresses and wanted to share its contents with her friend. With the Debian 7.0 software installed on the computer both girls were able to peruse the site and “see” all the stunning lovely princess dresses and learn about the accessories that are the norm. According to my daughter, all princesses must have at least one tiara that coordinates with the dress, a wand to cast magic spells, shoes, long gloves, a cape if the weather is chilly, jewelry, and perhaps a hair decoration. At this particular princess website they also sell bedding with a princess motif, night lights, slippers, and even a bed frame with castle on the top of each bedpost. The latest area that the girls became interested in is the kitchen. They just adored the the cookbooks for a Princess tea party, cupcakes, and cakes. I’m so pleased we developed the Debian 7.0 software. Seeing the delight on my daughter’s friend’s face made all the trials, errors, dead ends, and final solution well worth it.

(There is much more information to follow on the pages to come. If there is any more information needed please contact us with questions. We will try to return any message in a timely fashion.)