Uruguay (cont.)

Uruguay is ahead of the curve for technology, and there no wonder that the “Facultad de Medicina” runs Debian, and the Facultad de Ciencias runs Debian woody on more than 20 servers, including the main Internet Linux server ( firewall, mail, ftp, DNS) and a computing center utilizing scientific software that runs “woody” with student workstations. The university is bustling and lively, world-class in terms of quality of minds and advancement of curriculum.

You will find football (soccer to the Yanks) and Italian food, Asado and Chorip├ín, mate and Dulce de Leche in abundance. In cold weather, you will find people starting the day with Grappamiel to warm the body and spirit. You will not find much religion (other than an entrenched and lightly – observed Catholic culture, Uruguay is remarkable for its secularism) but you will find distinguished poetry, literature, theatre and dance… the tango, after all, is claimed by both Montevideo and Buenos Aires, a nearby neighbor.

You would be hard pressed to find a place richer in culture and pride. They are so very involved with the community & preserving the old way of life for future generations. They feel that is one of their most important tasks. Many people feel that the next generation needs to be encouraged to continue the legacy left to them. There are many people in the area trying to ensure the culture is preserved & passed on.

You may never be able to find a more authentic location. You should get over here to enjoy what they have to offer while you still have the chance because it seems as in every culture the youth are reluctant to accept and pass on the most interesting parts of the culture.

In 2014 Uruguay legalized the was legalized. It became the first country in the world where the selling of cannabis is not a crime. That means across the entire territory there is no penalty. As a matter of fact the cultivation is not a crime either. This was a hard fought battle. There were casualties but in the end the country stood up for what it believed and became a progressive pillar for others to emulate. I believe it to be the case that you can actually partake of marijuana anywhere in the country at your leisure without fear of persecution if I am not mistaken. That means you do not even have to be in the privacy of your own home to partake. I am sure that there are still laws forbidding the intoxicated use of a vehicle as should be the case.

Let us be clear Uruguay is leading the way into the future. It might be a long trip but they are well on their way already.